December 2010 Issue

Late last night I took the dogs out and noticed that Brownie’s attention was focused on the foot of our driveway, a few hundred feet away. Turning on my trusty LED Maglight, I saw three big coyotes standing in the snow staring back. They didn’t scatter as they usually do, just stood there staring. I ordered the dogs back inside, and five minutes later Brownie began going nuts barking at the glass door on the sunporch. This morning I found fresh coyote tracks coming straight up the driveway to the dooryard. I read an article in the Times a while back that said scientists had figured out why coyotes in the Eastern US (including Ohio) are bigger than their Western cousins. Turns out they’ve interbred with wolves and should properly be called “coywolves.” Oh. Boy.

The year is old, the wind is cold, the trees whisper together.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all our readers (and subscribers!) for your generous support this year and in the past. Your contributions pay for this site and keep the kitties happy, as well as providing a sorely needed supplement to my┬ámeager┬ástipend from the Scriveners Guild. Only your kind assistance saves me from the Marshalsea.

And now, on with the show…

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  1. Eduardo Da Silva:

    The Event is great, doesnt look like its going to be cancelled however the storyline needs to move a lot quicker

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