November 2010 Issue

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  1. Mark:

    OK, Ok…after your wonderful rant, I just subscribed! I hope you can now buy all of those collars for your trillions of cats. But don’t forget the doggies, either! Keep those columns coming. All the best…

  2. Cathy:

    I found you by accident (no one was seriously injured) and laughed until my sides split (we can discuss the etymology of that later) and will send you a check forthwith. I do not believe in the dreaded Paypal HOWEVER, I promise to cancel promptly and to complain and heckle mercilessly if you decide to be political. I want a safe haven from the rantings of the nincompoops (another word to consider) that we have so generously and foolishly elected to office – regardless of party affiliation.

  3. Danny:

    The Word Detective political?! Fear not, Cathy!

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