Flight (wine samples)

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  1. The Holg:

    “… four sp├Ątleses, four ausleses, …” – I wasn’t aware that oenology was another area in which the German language had invaded the English. Makes sense, though, given our German wine-making tradition.

    Merriam-Webster’s doesn’t seem to know the terms, but Wikipedia does.

  2. Darrin Burr:

    Ah yes, the wine flight, or ‘a vertical’ as most call it nowadays! is quite simple!

    A ‘tasting’ usually consists of 4-8 selected wines from the winery, progressing from light wines to more robust wines to the ‘pinnacle’ wine, last but not least! [ie Ty Canton Vineyards – TITANIUM 2008] Starting with a Sauvignon Blanc (ie 2008) or/and Chardonnay (ie 2007) and then a few ‘Red’ Varietals usually starting with the more floral reds (ie 2006 Pinot Noir) maybe a 2006 Sangiovese, then a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. Note that the years of the wines are in line with the NEW releases not a ‘vertical pour’ or ‘Flight’.

    Now, at the airport on your way to Napa for your tasting.. you hope your flight goes up..
    thus the “vertical” years 2005,2006,2007,2008 all Cabernet Sauvignon same winery, same varietal, usually same vineyard (but not always)) like the deliciously eloquent vertical at Paraduxx (pronounced ‘PAIR-A-DUCKS’ sister winery to “Duckhorn”) – having nothing to do with flight.

    I would love to take you on a ‘real’ wine tour! Just set it up with Stacy ;)

    Wine Tour Ambassador, darrin
    Stacy’s Wine Stop – 707-322-3837

  3. David:

    Is there any realtionship with “flight” as used in golf: A “flight” is a term for a division of golfers within a golf tournament. Each “flight,” or division, consists of golfers of roughly similar skills (determined by handicaps).
    What is the origin of this “golf flight”.

  4. Sherry:

    So is you have more than 8 samples is it called an airport? :)

  5. Sandra Dodd:

    “…first found in print around 1200″

    Well… “in print” is probably going too far for inscriptions from 1200. In manuscripts, quite likely.

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