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  1. Topi Linkala:

    I don’t use checks nor pladtic to pay my check; I use bills.

  2. Topi Linkala:


  3. Chris Austiin:

    This has always bothered me as well. I have just assumed, the original phrase “check, please” originated because patrons wanted to “check” their bill. That is, they are really communicatiing “Please give me my bill so that I can check it, please.”. Therefore, I never ask for my “check”. I ask for my bill, which drives my wife crazy. If we are ever at dinner with friends, and they ask for the check, I say “Amazing. They are going to give us a check for eating here?”. I know – I am an ass, but this phrase is just lemmings just following the non-sensical verbage they have others use.

  4. Sandy blue:

    I’ve called them tickets and so have my folks. also for receipts from the store.I know the waiters will ask if I’m ready for my check.

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