Same Difference

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  1. Dave:

    I think of it as comparing 2 things from 2 perspectives, 1 from A perspective, and 1 from B perspective, if 2 things are different (A and B) then they are both different in the same way from both perspectives (A is 2 more than B in A’s perspective, and A is still 2 more than B in B’s perspective, of course, B can be 2 less than A in A’s perspective, but then B will still be 2 less in B’s perspective, they are equally different from both perspectives, because neither of them changes)

  2. Bob Harris:

    In addition to the 1945 appearance in text, the expression is used in the 1946 movie Dark Alibi. It is spoken by the main character, Charlie Chan, at the end of the movie.

    The movie was recently shown on TCM, and may be available for view at their website. It’s pretty awful.

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