October 2010 Issue

Little Girl Cat and Fuzzy-Wuzzy

Little Girl Cat and Fuzzy-Wuzzy

Little Girl Cat is totally in love with Fuzzy and follows him everywhere. If he wanders upstairs in the evening, she’ll come up the stairs a few minutes later making a little bereft sound. Fuzzy used to just tolerate her, but now she’s the only cat he’ll curl up with.

And now, on with the show….

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  1. Kevin:

    The best way to open a new jar, this won’t work on a stuck one, is to let the vacuum out. Look at the edge of the lid. You’ll notice that it isn’t smooth all the way round. Instead it has small indents every few inches followed by non-indented sections. Take a teaspoon and, with the concave bowl of the spoon facing you, work the tip of the spoon under a non-indented section. Hold the top of the jar with one hand and press down on the spoon handle ( the bowl of the spoon acts as a fulcrum letting air between the jar and lid). You will know when you have done it when the button on the top of the jar pops. Now it should be much easier to open.
    Hope that helps, love the blog!

  2. Joanne Mason:

    Hooray for Ladycat! That’s an amazing story. If only my own cat could be so considerate.

    I just discovered your blog – look forward to reading more!

  3. Scott:

    Can I bring my cats over to spend time with Ladycat…maybe pick up a few habits? My cats find the most traveled part of the house and throw up there. When I try to nudge them away, they simply curl back around to leave their present. Then they walk over to their food bowl and reload.

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