Good, God, Evil and Devil

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  1. Ajj Romine:

    Interesting. I think of this often, but never really felt like doing the detective work on finding out. I thought it was just irony that these words seemed to fit so well… but it seems that we have taken these words and made them fit so well together. Especially since the word ‘devil’ was mainly a benign word for dislike, unpleasant, etc etc.

    Thanks Again. I love your site!
    Ajj Romine

  2. Lambert Lorette:

    Thanks so much. Good knowledge, well put. Subhi said once, “If you want to be spiritual, you have to go beyond words”. I find that to be true, and as you said, lots of this particular focus (in this article’s question) is on orthographic resemblance…I continue to be interested in the word evil, because it just doesn’t seem to mean anything that you can relate to. What does it mean? That is, when you say good, you generally know what you are talking about; it makes sense. But “evil” doesn’t make any sense…it’s a strange word. I looked it up all over the place, and finally felt satisfied when I found it meant harmful (unfortunately I can’t remember where I ran across that source derivative of the word). When I say, or, I think, when anybody says “harmful”, then we all know what we are talking about, and we can agree or disagree about whether something is harmful, because we know what we are talking about, but when you say “evil”, it’s like something you can’t really understand, some mystical word – so, your explanation brought real relief to me. From what you are saying, the original meaning, “exceeding proper bounds”, or deviating from what is considered to be normal healthy behavior, is something a person can relate to, whereas the use of the word today is some sort of political abuse of the original word, for purposes of shock and awe I suppose…in other words, using the word for it’s extreme meaning..which is of course, in itself evil, in the original sense, that is, exceeds the proper bounds of it’s original meaning. So… the truth is, evil, as it used today, has no real meaning, and is just a perversion of (for effect), saying simply that “something is wrong.” There is also a real mischief in the word, because it inevitably implies that a person was intentionally, knowingly, doing something that they knew was not right, (thus spontaneously creating a group of really terrible people through hearsay), but what I have heard (Subhi) is that man never does that, but always thinks, no matter how much in error, that what he is doing is right.

  3. tracy elias:

    the simularities of positive and negitive, good and evil,even yes and no,in translation of many origans,have uses of the vocabulary that rechior less effort to state the positive.the simularities in pronunciation of yes and no,also needs concideration

  4. tracy elias:

    alien and angel (1 letter)

  5. robert brasher:

    evil is live backwards, as in suppressive to life…angel and angle connected… gather and ghut are connected …god being plural originally … gather as one… at one ment… I would say good is connected to god, gawd …giddy means possessed by god…or oneness perhaps….gathering others into that godspell oneness..gospels giddy spells??? gid? good? angels approach or create reality , come fiction, from a different angle???

  6. luis:

    Angel and angle are connected. Angel, meaning a messenger of God, comes from the zodiac wheel and Saturn EL. The idea of an Oracle (Oral of EL) taking the zodiac wheel and connecting the sign of the month (moon th) you where born in and the month your on and getting your ang of EL. Same reason that the ang of EL’s end with EL. Like Micha EL, Gabri EL, RA fa EL ect.

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