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  1. Magret:

    Very interesting! I was referred to your site when I looked up the word “sicked” today as I was pretty sure it was spelled “sicced” but I guess not. It was in a newspaper article today (7/12/12), which said the Anaheim policed sicked their dogs on a crowd of women and children — and it looked odd to me.

  2. Valaida Snow: selected recordings, 1935-1946, and gallery « Songbook:

    [...] you didn’t even have no hair, I’d say “Sick ‘im on me. I don’t [...]

  3. Dan S.:

    The first time I heard the command “sic ‘em” given to a dog, I was scared out of my wits. I had just learned in school about “mad dogs” and the horrible consequences of rabies, and I thought that the command to the dog meant “make him sick”, that it was a “mad dog” and was being instructed to infect the intended victim (me) with rabies. Luckily, that was not the case, and no, I was not actually bitten at all.

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