July 2010 Issue

Meanwhile, I discovered that it was possible to set up a Word Detective page on Facebook without actually being personally on Facebook, so you’ll see a link to that in the lower right column. You can’t “friend” me, but you can “like” the page, and every little bit helps.

And now, on with the show…

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  1. Richard:

    Dear Word Detective,

    My sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family on the loss of Harry.


  2. Charlie N.:

    Sorry to hear about Harry. We lost our sweet Blue-point Siamese years ago and I still think of her often. She too would follow me around.

  3. Craig Scheir:

    Sorry to hear about Harry. Semper Ubi Sub Ubi – that’s the first Latin phrase our teacher taught us. It still serves me well.

  4. Mary F:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Harry; I’ve lost a pet in the past and it’s devastating (a cute little dog we had for 14 years). You’ll eventually only have good memories of Harry!

  5. Marlene:

    Hey there, I’m very sorry to hear about Harry; it hurts so much to lose them. Having them is still worth the emotional risk, though. Thank you for being so kind to all your strays, too.

    And for your bobtail cat’s health issues, check out a good organic cat food store and talk with them. My cat Murphy had the same problem and my vet put him on Hill’s. Murphy hated the food and much of it was going to waste. When I talked with a friend at a good pet food store and compared ingredients, I found that Hill’s was doing nothing good and possibly even making the situation worse. Since I switched to better food Murphy scarfs it all down and there have been no urinary tract problems.

    I’m keeping a close eye on the litter box but I’m hopeful that the better food will take care of the problem. The price is about the same as the vet-recommended food, maybe a bit less, and he eats it all. No waste!

    Sorry to preach but I feel like I was mislead by my vet, too.

  6. Felis_Sidus:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

    For whatever comfort it may give… Harry’s symptoms sound like heart failure. It’s not uncommon for cardiomyopathy to go undetected in cats until they suddenly collapse. I’ve know this to happen event to cats who were companions to vets. If this is what it was, at least he wasn’t suffering beforehand, and it’s extremely unlikely that there were any signs that you missed.

  7. camila:

    I´m so sorry to hear about Harry. He looked like a very sweet boy indeed. I know how expensive vets are, but I hope you can continue to take care of the others. I looked at all your kitty photos, and it seems like Harry had a very happy life with you. I am glad you adopted them :)

  8. corq:

    My sympathies on your loss; we too recently lost a longtime feline family member, and the grief was really tremendous, as he was so much a part of our day, and our lives.

    Thank you for sharing Harry’s story, it actually gives me a little solace too to see a friend cherished here the way you have. The keyboard picture is precious.

  9. Loulie, Mimi Le Mew, and Sushi:

    We at LoulieTheCat.com are all very sorry to hear about Harry. Just remember that you gave him (and many other felines, too!) a wonderful life.

  10. D Renfrow:

    This is late, but I just saw your post. My heart goes out to you over the loss of Harry, and I hope all the other cats are doing well. I looked at the pictures of the kittens–so adorable. They have had, and are having such a great life, thanks to you.

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