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  1. Poppy Raven:

    Thank you for that – most useful. I thought ‘to button-hole’ might have such a history but did not know the exact derivation. In particular, I am writing a book set in 1844 so I must use the form ‘button-hold’.

  2. Button:

    I am the friend on Allison’s story, and let me tell you, at this day all of our friends still call me Button.

    I did not have any idea what wass she talking about rthe first time she toll me I wass “Cute as a button”, but affter a few weeks I got used to the nickname, and even when friends introduce me to new people I say “I’m Button, nice to meet you”.

    So thank you for such a useful explanation.

  3. Nora:

    It is another phrase from which the last word has been dropped. The original is “cute as a Button Quail.” A Button Quail is indeed a very cute, small bird. Last words have a propensity for being dropped, as happened with the phrase, “Happy as a clam [at high water].” Phrase in brackets has, unfortunately, been dropped.

  4. josh:

    this doesn’t seem to refer to button quails.

    even 5 minutes of googling shows the origin is suggested to be the british phrase “bright as a button” which was possibly translated to “acute as a button” then people misunderstood the pronunciation.

  5. WS:

    As a particular fan of rattlesnakes, I can tell you there’s not much cuter in the world than a baby rattlesnake too young to have rattles. He’s born with a shiny little black bead called a “button” on the end of his tail. So… there you have it. Cute as a button! Works for me!

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