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  1. David:

    Excellent work! Thanks for the help, though you MUST be self-sabotaging in any chance of optimizing possible future growth having strayed so far,… dummy, there is a road, no simple “high,… way”. Apparently, you were on it. Whaa happened?? I suggest you re-think what you missed out on and hopefully, get back to “It” soon!

  2. J. Cameron McClain:

    I recently came across the word “rounder” in a manuscript written by someone from Missouri–for what that’s worth. In context it appeared to an “easy lay” or a “man-whore” or the like. The word’s found in the second verse of “He’s a Tramp” in the same context, and that would also fit the Grateful Dead lyrics in question–he found his old lady doin’ the dirty with some rounder in his fold-up bed.

    “He’s A Tramp”

    He’s a tramp, but I love him.
    Breaks a new heart every day.
    He’s a tramp. They adore him.
    And I only hope he’ll stay that way.

    He’s a tramp, he’s a scoundrel,
    He’s a rounder, he’s a cad.
    He’s a tramp, but I love him.
    Yes, and even I have got it pretty bad.

    You can never tell when he’ll show up.
    He gives you plenty of trouble.
    I guess he’s just a no account pup,
    But I wish that he were double.

    He’s a tramp, he’s a rover,
    And there’s nothing more to say.
    If he’s a tramp, he’s a good one,
    And I wish that I could travel his way.

  3. alan:

    Singer/songwriter David Bromberg also includes rounders in the lyrics of “Dahlia”, referring to scoundrels.

  4. mitch:

    “DELIA”….thats the name of the song bob dylan wrote, where he writes that she loved all them rounds but you never loved me

  5. Merle:

    Round-heels is a term that once was applied to what was designated “loose women”, sexually active women, women who had sex with men to whom they were not married.

  6. Nelson:

    Zora Neale Hurston uses the word in Their Eyes Were Watching God alongside “pimp”, so I guessed it meant some kind of criminal or promiscuous man:

    “You figger Ah’m uh rounder and uh pimp and you done wasted too much time talkin’ wid me.” – Their Eyes Were Watching God, Chapter 11 (Page 104 in my HarperPerennial classics version)

  7. Justin Goldberg:

    Mitch right above that Bob and I and wrote a song called Delia which is incorrect: this composition is also a traditional song which has simply been arranged by Bob Dylan; just as the grateful dead arranged the other traditional song “on the road again” referenced above, and since both compositions are likely from the same period of early American folk songs, it would seem that the descriptions above are in fact correct that around her is a person of no repute who are more likely to be mad and engaging in sexual activity with a woman.

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