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  1. Miami Laptop Repair:

    And people still think that means something. Sometimes I can’t believe the stuff that comes out of people’s mouths (fingers).

  2. James Moses:

    …..there is a CRITICAL figure in Mi’kMaq North American tribal folklore, the first name of which they pronounce, ‘Glooscap’ (perhaps referring to all Scots, Europeans visiting their shores at the 14th century’s turn) whose real name was sometimes accompanied in Scottish odes by what might be the TITLE of, Scrymgeour’ (suspect the derivation is NORMAN, Scandinavian and carried over to France, other countries in Europe) which I believe means, ‘Enscriber’, ”Chronicler’ and the TRUE origin of, ‘scrimshaw’…..

  3. Edward Rees:

    For scrimshank, perhaps a contraction of scrimp shank, saving your legs, hence idling, would be sensible suggestion.

  4. JohnP:

    Obvious connection to “line of scrimmage”, where scrimmage is supposedly derived from “skirmish”, as in skirmish line. Scrim is a type of fabric used for curtains in theater, so another relation to a line (of separation).

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