Long chalk

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  1. John V:

    Just referred to “long chalk” from a piece by William Rivers Pitt. Finally by the end of your article, I was hit by the line I remember from a favorite John Wayne film, BIG JAKE, where the main character, Jacob McCandles who has a huge amount of land, built a small personal empire of a ranch for his family and is a powerful and good man if a good bit on the bullish, irascible and suffer-fools-badly side, has been some considerable years away from his family and life to the point of nobody much knowing where he is… and repeatedly in the film, as situations require his return, he’s confronted by disparate people with “You? I thought you were dead!” and his response is an annoyed “Not hardly!”

  2. Heather:

    Thank you. That was very helpful.

  3. Sue:

    Bloody awesome!

  4. John Holt:

    Just read the expression in Jacqueline Winspear’s latest novel “A Dangerous Place” in a sentence about “physical and emotional recovery” being an editor’s error!

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