October 2009 Issue

This is all relevant because all this tedious foofaraw, along with the disintegration of our so-called economy here in the US, has reduced my income by at least two-thirds over the past three years, and it wasn’t much above the starving artist level to begin with.  Add the collapse of the newspaper industry, the implosion of book publishing, and the inconvenient shortage of rich widows, toss lightly with the vinaigrette of gloom settling over my otherwise sunny disposition, and things start to look pretty grim.

So please subscribe.

There, wasn’t that easy?

And now, on with the show….

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  1. April Barbi:

    Thanks for your column, I love it and it’s a wonderful way to get my children to love and appreciate the English language.

  2. Kathy Beaver:

    Dear Mr. Morris, I have subscribed! Am missing terribly my weekly fix from “Safire on Language” (may he rest in peace) and you are my newest supplier. Only fair that I help out with a little support. Had run across your site a few times in the past and even had you in my faves. Keep up the fight! Take care, Kathy

  3. Susan:

    I love reading your posts. It tickles my mind. :)

  4. Elishia Windfohr:

    I love your posts! It’s like OJ to the soul! Keep writing

    Elishia Windfohr

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