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Last month I decided late one night to install Kubuntu (Ubuntu linux with the KDE desktop environment). I was stone sober. I nuked the entire partition the next day after discovering for the 15th time that I absolutely loathe KDE. I always think it can’t possibly be that ugly and stupid, but it is. Always.

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  1. Shadowduck:

    It is; good lord it is. Next time you get that voyeuristic something-other-than-gnome curiosity, XFCE isn’t too bad – though I always end up back in the warm, welcoming gnomish embrace.

    From what I recall, it was one of your early posts about Ubuntu that gave me the motivation to make the switch all that time ago. Did I ever thank you for that? #8-D

  2. tudza:

    What windowing system do you prefer to KDE? If you like Gnome, you probably didn’t have to nuke KDE, you could have just installed Gnome as well right?

  3. admin:

    I have an ancient (1998 vintage) laptop that I run xfce on — it’s faster than Gnome, but still slow as molasses. I do like the mouse motif, though. I may try Damn Small Linux again on this thing.

    Yeah, I know I could have installed Gnome-desktop or whatever it’s called and had a choice at boot, but I was irrationally annoyed at KDE, so I just erased everything and installed the Ubuntu 9.10 beta, which I really like. This is all on my secondary computer, of course. My main computer is still running Ubuntu 8.04.

  4. Shadowduck:

    I’d probably have used the “nuke from orbit” option too. I find Ubuntu typically installs so fast that it’s just not worth tinkering with an installation that’s gone wrong for some reason.

    Of course, for a lot of people tinkering is the main reason they use Linux in the first place!

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