Willies, the

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  1. Dave Patterson:

    Simple answer: There was a time when Willie Mays and Willie McCovey were back to back in the SF Giants lineup. They gave opposing pichers “the willies” with their hitting clout. It is the modern origin of the term coined by the sports writers of the time, still used today by baseball fans and non-fans alike.

  2. May:

    The willies is a spontaneous physical reaction in the form of a upper body head, shoulder and inner ear jiggle like a cold wave or tickle of anxiety. While mainly creepy things, the source doesn’t have to be. Its also known as the feeling of someone walking over your grave. Also, an acutely sour substance in the mouth can cause the same reaction. Note when a baby tastes something awful how the child’s head wiggles.
    It isn’t a grate on your nerves fingers on the blackboard thing.

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