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  1. Mim Carrington:

    When I was a kid we called knitted hats ‘beanies’; this was in the mid-late 1970s in Canberra, Australia… so maybe not the sk8erboyz fault (although they are probably responsible for a large amount of other language demolition).

  2. ~ Sil in Corea:

    “Bean” seems to be a British term for “head” or “person.” I originated ‘north of Beantown,’ also called ‘Downeast,’ where a lot of old Brit slang still lurks. “She bonked him on the bean,” for example.

  3. Nancy:

    Very common here in northeastern North Carolina — in fact, no other term is used that I know of

  4. Dave:

    In western Virginia we also called knitted caps tobboggans. I never knew it meant anything else until I went to university.

  5. Brian:

    I’ve always known it to be a hat. That’s what it was always called when I was a kid. Never knew it to be anything different.

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