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  1. Ben:

    Wonderful! Thanks:-)

  2. Esther:

    Yeah, I just stubbed my toe on the washing machine and wondered the same thing. Thanks for this answer.

  3. Stephanie Neff:

    Thank you for this article! We had been discussing the use of the word “stove” with our son-in-law who is a doctor. As he works with many people in a rural area he was not sure why anyone would use this word. We have used it for a couple of decades and quite clear as to its meaning – a joint or area of the body that has been jammed and is therefore stiff and hard to use – for a long time. He was making fun of us and we are all quite well educated people but it was still commonly used in our area.

  4. Debra from central KY:

    Yes, I stoved my pinkie toe. My grandmother (old English dialect in that area). People correct me. We also say boot of car; and we wear a toboggan (cap). Love the heritage. Thanks

  5. Renee from Ohio:

    Thanks for the article. We were trying to figure out the proper term stove or stub a finger and the article gave us good information on the origins of the terms .

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