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  1. Awesome word: “Smarmy” | Fist of Blog:

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  2. SophieBird:

    I always see smarmy as a shortened form of smooth and charming, which, when used together, reek of insincerity.

  3. O_Desch:

    Seems like it could be a conjunction of smear & charm.

  4. Christi C.:

    The other night I dreamed of the word ‘smarmy,’ including the noun ‘smarm.’ I have to present the Word of the Day at my local Toastmasters club…and hey, this appears to be it! Before getting out the old Random House Unabridged, I thought I’d search the web, and here you are. Nothing in this etymology is what I thought it might be! Thank you.

  5. gmkjr:

    “Smarmy” has a sense of obsequiousness, flattery and insincerity that marks a person who displays it as either an insincere kiss-up or an idiot. In literature, Rev. Collins in “Pride & Prejudice” may be the foremost example, particularly in his relationship with his wealthy and demanding patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. The entomological relationship to pomade (hair grease) makes sense, since a smarmy person lays it on a bit thick. I would guess that any relationship with “charm” is coincidental.

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