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  1. Gordon Flinders:

    In the “Springfield Strike” episode of The Simpsons, newsman Kent Brockman hosts a panel discussion with Homer, Mr. Burns, and Dr. Joyce Brothers, to discuss whether the strike is a harglebargle or a foofaraw (though I think the closed captioning spells it as “fooferad,” but cc spelling is notoriously suspect).

  2. admin:

    I am deeply envious of people who can call to mind episodes of The Simpsons in that much detail. Seriously.

    I imagine you looked it up to confirm your memory, but I can’t even remember what channel the show is on half the time.

    Gotta go, those damn kids are on my lawn again.

  3. Elizabeth Lightwood:

    Signifying nothing?

  4. Isabel:

    Fanfarrón is very rarely used now in Spanish, but it is derived from fanfarria which translates to … wait for it … fanfare. As in the sound of trumpets that a very foofaraw person might imagine when they step into a room.

  5. Wayne:

    Looking at your alternate meaning of “commotion or brouhaha” calls to mind a free-for-all – sounds similar, wot?

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