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  1. D:

    Wow, awesome site. You blow the etymology dictionary out of tue water!!

  2. Jeff:

    I have no quarrel with your etymology of ‘nope’, but would offer the following thought as a light snack. The Norwegian adverb ‘neppe’ translates into English as ‘hardly’. The word detective in me has me wondering if nope and neppe might share some common history – in one direction or the other. My guess is that a lot of usages we perceive as haimg American origins might actually have roots in other European languages. Anyway, that’s my two cents worth. : )

  3. Phoenix Angelfire:

    I would have guessed that the word depending on its time frame might have been a contraction for “no hope” or alternatively “no you dope.”

  4. RonB:

    Phoenix-makes sense

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