Jumper / Sweater

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  1. Vlad2000:

    Aussies use the term Jumper for wollen Winter garment. At least since 1970 or earlier. Then there is always; Thongs, Cordial etc

  2. Bethany:

    An interesting opinion however would just like to point out that ‘American language’ is English, from England and America was found by Britain therefore if there is a ‘normal first language’ it is British.

  3. Lost In Translation?:

    Bethany, you may have been too busy sniffling about the second paragraph to read the first sentence of the third paragraph, where the author mentions that he was ‘just kidding’ about what he had said in the second paragraph.

    Tough to see, as it was the first sentence of the very next thing you would have read after your hissy-fit had subsided.

  4. Andy:

    Hmmmm. Beth, I think you need to study some history after you finish your course in “paying attention 101″. Last time I checked, the British didn’t find anything. They did, however, found a colony or three in North America. A fairly substantial land mass “found” most likely by the Vikings, but certainly found by Columbus.

  5. John:

    Stay away from American history books and you may find the facts. The only sniffling and whining I can see comes from Andy and Lost in Translation??

  6. Vanwaar komt het woord ‘sweater’? | Modemythes:

    [...] The Word Detective: Jumper / Sweater  [...]

  7. Jamie:

    This has to be the weirdest article I’ve ever read? You say that the Brits started changing THEIR words after world war 2 but the word ‘jumper’ came around in the mid 19th century? You also say ‘natural American words’ when the language you speak is English which was being spoken before your country was even founded? Is this just an example of American arrogance?

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