I need a new computer.


I realized recently that I bought my computer (a Dell 4700) about five years ago.  On eBay.  For $300.  It’s a single-core Pentium mumblemumblegHz (not real fast).  True, I have since given it a decent power supply, 4 gigs of ram, larger hard drives, and a nice but cheap Nvidia graphics card, but still.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a low-end dual or quad-core PC that takes SATA drives and a standard power supply?  I’d be putting Linux on it, so I don’t care what the OS is,and I have monitors and keyboards.  At or under $300 would be great, so discontinued N.I.B. on eBay would be fine, if you see something there.

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  1. Adam Skinner:

    Your best bet is to just get a new “barebones” setup. New motherboard, processor, and possibly ram if you don’t use DDR2 already.

    I buy most of my components from Newegg.

    If you’re hesitant about installing a motherboard (really the only thing you’d need to worry about), then you can get a mb installed in a case etc sans a lot of the stuff you already have:


    Also consider picking up a laptop or netbook. You can get a netbook for $300 easy.

  2. Massage Marketing:

    There’s actually a good deal on at the moment at Best Buy (I know that sounds crazy) but they have a laptop for $320 that actually looks pretty good – might be worth checking out…

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