Green thumb

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  1. Dave:

    It is my understanding that the term “Green Thumb” comes from gardeners who often didn’t have access to clean their hands after working in the soil, and often because of bacteria and fungus in the soil, often a person who spent much of their time working with the soil often got a fungus under the nail(s) of their hands, and in particular their thumbs, hence the term “GREEN THUMB”.

    I think I heard this explination on HGTV, as a question asked by a viewer.

    I do NOT have any “proof” of this but it sure sounds plausible to me.

  2. Yael:

    It sounds much less plausible than the explanation in the article. The story seems much too detailed, too particular; and also, it does not explain why ‘green thumb’ is a term of praise for a *good* gardener (is a gardener without fungus-ridden fingers necessarily a worse one?).

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  5. Sunflowaah:

    I thought to wonder why this morning after watering my gardens – because I sometimes forget to put my spray nozzle on (often to lazy to) and use my thumb to spread the water. I have a callous from this, on my prominent hands thumb…and it has a green tint from gardening daily. I literally have a green calloused thumb. :/

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