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  1. The Holg:

    You write, “… people noticed that a motor car rounding a curve at high speed (”careening”) tended to tilt quite a bit (”careering”).”

    I think you accidentally switched the two words here.

  2. words1:

    Right you are. Fixed it. Thanks.

  3. Evan Careen:

    Just as a side-note which has nothing to do with this article careen is also a surname, mine in fact. I’ve tried many times to find out where is came from, since it is apparently rare and since my family have been involved in the fishery for hundreds of years I wonder if the ‘keel’ connection means something. Just thought I’d mention it.

  4. Philip Anderson:

    It’s worth noting that there is no confusion in British English, since only ships careen or (more usually) are careened in the UK. I thought an American friend had merely mistyped ‘careered’ until I checked the dictionary.

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