Brand New

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  1. Connie:

    I have heard a story that the term “bran-new” came about from when china or other fragile ceramics were bought, they came shipped in a crate and was packaged in bran. (pre bulbble wrap days). Over the years the term has evolved to “brand-new”. I can’t verify this story, but its a nice one and makes sense to me.


  2. Joyce R:

    I have heard the same story about the ceramics shipped in crates of bran. I like this story best and it makes sense to me.


  3. Katherine:

    L Frank Baum described the Scarecrow as having “bran new brains” because the Wizard had stuffed his head with bran (and needles, to make him “sharp”).

  4. Jim:

    Richard Henry Dana uses “bran new” twice in “Two Years Before the Mast” published in 1840.

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