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  1. OwenKL:

    “Then again, I also routinely fail to recognize major celebrities on TV, although I maintain that it’s not my fault. C’mon, don’t Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and, um, whatshername, really all, you know, kinda look alike?”
    Does this mean that you (like myself) are a prosopagnosic? I’m sure you know that this isn’t about an atheist in a golfer’s store, which would be a pro-shop agnostic, but rather a person who can’t recognize faces.

    I hope I’m not breaking protocol by asking you a question about yourself, concerning a word, instead of about a word, to which you can answer with an anecdote about yourself.

  2. words1:

    Perhaps a bit. I sometimes fail to recognize people I know and sometimes recognize people I don’t know as people I do. I also have trouble reading people’s faces for emotions (e.g., I don’t pick up on someone being very annoyed).

    But I really mostly have problems with “generic-looking” movie stars. I used to get Brad Pitt and Matt Damon mixed up, for instance.

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