Not me.

Just so you know.  Of course, the “well-manicured” lawn would have been the tipoff in any case:

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — When an Ohio man vacated his foreclosed home near Akron, he left behind nearly 100 cats and a stench. Rescuers have been chasing cats in the Lakemore house for two weeks, and there are still some felines left. Cats were found in the heating ducts, under furniture and mattresses and in dressers, closets and cabinets.

Cat rescuer Eric Schickendantz said he had to put on protective gear before shoveling cat waste off the floors and disinfecting the place.

Outside, the lawn and landscaping were well-manicured, but neighbors could smell a stench when the windows were opened.

via Foreclosed Ohio Homeowner Leaves Cats, Mess Behind –

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  2. VJESCI:

    .missing persons indeed.

    .in which the crimes of dale bozzio pale in comparison:

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