Flack, Flak

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  1. Jerry Pournellej:

    Surely this is related to the Henry James novel The Reverberator and the character of that name?

  2. Brian Wheeler:

    Yesterday we visited a fort built in the middle of the Solent ( a stretch of water dividing the English mainland from the Isle of Wight). This fort (Spitbank) was completed in 1878 as protection against Bonaparte III but never fired a shot in anger. Interestingly one of the rooms was labelled the Flack room. It was close to an ammunition magazine but the fort was never used as anti air defence so therefore no link to AA flak! Nobody seemed to know what the room was used for and the building obviously pre dates any publicity definition. Clearly a mystery unless somebody named it that out of humour (taking the flack) post 1940.

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