Stars and garters

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  1. Aaron Stewart:

    Astrology sometimes do work and it can also predict the personality of a person.”,,

  2. paul nitz:

    My Mom who is in heaven now and who grew up in the deep south of English heritage used the exclamation “My stars and living garters” a lot. It was one of the ones I never heard in Pennsylvania where I grew up, except from her. I thought of it the other day and ran across your website seeing if I could find an origen. Anyone else heard the add-on “living” garters?

  3. 99 « Pardon the fighting bull:

    [...] If Granny had hung around one more year, she’d be celebrating her 99th birthday today. I’m sure we’d all be dining at Golden Corral this afternoon, and then we’d slowly drag Main in Vernal and Granny would comment three or four times how Brush Crick Betty’s sure “had a crowd.” One thing Granny always used to say was “Oh my stars and garters!” I always wondered what the hell that meant, but never bothered to look it up until just now. [...]

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