Potter’s field

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  1. Alfred:

    Haha. I actually thought it had something to do with pot makers. It’s nice to be right (or almost right) for once.

  2. sue:

    thank you for this information I have just watched a film called DONT SAY A WORD and it has scenes that are filmed on HART ISLAND and I wanted to know more about it THANKS

  3. Ray Lamontagne:

    Great info thank you

  4. Pat Cole:

    I live in the Town of Ordway, Colorado and there is a section by the name of Potters Field. It has never had a sign until about three or four months ago. Then the Town Crew had put a sign there that I had requested, because it was on the original map of the Ordway Cemetery. The Ordway Town Council had voted to have the town crew remove it from the cemetery, because some old ladies in the Town of Ordway had been offended by it. The Town Council voted on this on Monday, March 17, 2011 and the town crew removed it on Thursday, March 17, 2011. There has never been any kind of signs in the Ordway Cemetery until the Cemetery Board had asked the town crew to put them in the cemetery. I think that it is unfair to have the Potters Field sign removed. The town Council said that there is not any other Cemeteries that have the signsin them. I sure would appreciate it if anybody could let me know what could be done.

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