Sea Change

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  1. Jenna Leigh:

    I was just scouring the internet and my textbook for background information regarding “sea change.” I knew what it meant in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, but hadn’t a clue what it meant within modern day terms. This article was very helpful, and to the point. I especially appreciated the closing sentence:) Thank you very much!

  2. Peter S:

    I enjoy and truly appreciate intelligent, competent thinking and expression. It is getting more and more difficult to find.
    Thank you!

  3. Glenda:

    Thank you for the great explanation, and, of course, helping me make sure I used this expression correctly in a recent blog post.

  4. Kay V:

    Yes, ‘sea change’ has gone the way of the ‘paradigm shift’.

    I’m another who appreciates your closing sentence. Epoxy all their houses.

  5. Demi Fortuna:

    Plus c’est la meme chose! Excellent piece, thank you! And thank you too, Kay! I haven’t enjoyed an article and the repartee as much in a long while!

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