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  1. Bruce:

    There is a difference between corn grits and hominy grits. Hominy is produced by treating corn with alkali, and this process converts the grain’s niacin into a form that is nutritionally available. Pellagra sufferers would not likely have subsisted on hominy.

  2. Bill:

    I believe that the word redneck can be traced back all the way to the transcontinental railroad. It is/was generally used for people who worked outdoors doing manual labor.

    It was used derisively to refer to white immigrants who worked alongside, black, chinese, and other immigrants who were willing to work for low wages, building the railroads.

    The transcontinental railroad was NOT just built by Chinese “slave labor” as most of the books written now like to point out, but by ANYBODY willing to work.

    The red neck came from sunburnt skin. If you come from an Irish background, chances are that you don’t tan.

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    […] Scottish Presbyterians who signed anti-Anglican proclamations in their own blood wore red scarves to signal their beliefs in the 1700s. […]

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