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  1. Marc Naimark:

    What about the adjective “notional”? As in “notional value”, etc.?

  2. Nathan Lee:

    Scrapbooking was my hobby when i was still studying in high school, it is a good hobby and it is fun too.,:.

  3. bill gralnick:

    thank you. sometimes I get obsessive and then crazed by word stuff. i am writing a book about my growing up years in brooklyn.
    in setting the scene i described the stores in the the compact neighborhood. one was a notions store and I realized i had no idea why it was called that (we called it by the owner’s name not the store’s name). so i looked it up to find what was in a notion’s store but not what such things were called notions.
    your word doctoring saved me from needing a real doctor. i’ll be writing a blog about the detective work and will give your talent both credit and quote.

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