Who will hold officials accountable when newspapers are gone?

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  1. vanderleun:

    Oh. bring out the crying towel!

    If Pitts and his ilk had paid more attention to news and less to opinions they might have garnered enough subscribers to survive instead of ticking off half their potential readers for decades.

  2. tudza:

    Indeed, he admits that they were slow to adapt their product to the current market and then complains that there is no market for his product. Screaming that we ought to be interested is not a solution.

    I wonder if the 99% of Americans that don’t miss buggy whips are wrong too?

  3. Wordnut:

    I think there is a lot of truth in it. My hope is that once the Hearsts, Scripps, and Murdochs give up papers because they are deemed faulty cogs in their big financial wheels, papers may once again be locally owned, focused on shareholders in the community and not merely shareholders in the corporation.

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