Paint the Town Red

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  1. ciarán Ó Pronntaigh:

    Just a note to ‘painting the town red’. As an Irish speaker I am familiar with the use of ‘dearg’ (red) as an intensifier. For example, ‘ar meisce’ (drunk), ‘ar dheargmheisce’ (very drunk, lit. red drunk). If one was ar deargmheisce one would have, as the English says, have painted the town red.

  2. Rich Zak:

    Kudos on your Quickee-Mart reference! The world can never get too much exposure to Simpsons culture. For the sake of accuracy, however, shouldn’t it be spelled Kwik-E-Mart? Not that I care so much, but for the children of future generations who will flock to this site for non-Wikipedial truthitude. On the other hand, perhaps your local Ohio establishment really IS called the Quickee-Mart. Then never mind …..

  3. Joe Weirather:

    I remember hearing, at some point in my life, that red paint was traditionally more expensive than other colors, and to ‘paint a town red’ was to spend as much money as possible while jaunting about the streets. I’ve looked this up, but can’t find any reference to it. Can anyone elaborate on that? (just curious)

  4. Jefferson Rusteberg:

    Fundamentals, but yes, some factors are forgotten by most people eventually, thanks for refreshing the basics..

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