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  1. bigjohn756:

    I call the actor who plays House ‘big truck’. But, only to myself, of course. It would be embarrassing if I had to explain it to the public.

  2. kevin o'malley:

    I was born in the USA. When I first heard the word lorry, I felt it was a child’s slang word so i refused to say it unless i had no other choice. Now I see it has a real meaning and it’s nice to see it’s a real word.

  3. no quarter:

    aht about truculent?

  4. dave:

    Truck and trade being synonymous, then perhaps truck wagon for trade vehicle would be the obvious progression – then shortened to truck, then reinvented as a verb. Just a thought.

    Lorries, well I’ve always loved them.

  5. Brian:

    There is something wonderful in tracing the derivation of words.

  6. Coogy:

    I drive a HGV/LGV in the UK, a 44 tonne articulated vehicle.

    I know of nobody who calls it a lorry and only a handful of people who call it a truck. Seemingly, if you’re from Manchester(UK) then that big noisy beastie which trundles down the road is called a wagon.

    How d’you like them apples?

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