Hoodoo & Cake

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  1. mara:

    I’m not sure “cake” here has the opposite meaning of its current use. An unskilled batter is a piece of cake from the pitcher’s point of view.

  2. Harvey Pogorilerq:

    From a friend of mine at work:

    In the version of the poem in a book my dad was given for the Christmas of 1942, A Treasury of the Familiar, the line is different yet again:
    “And the former was a pudd’n, and the latter was a fake.”

  3. Harvey Pogoriler:

    Note: Last name is Pogoriler. I accidentally added a “q” at the end. Sorry–late Friday afternoon.

  4. scott:

    geez, the little bot bot voice does your writing a disservice. Great idea though! Why not create your OWN podcast? I bet your loyal fans (myself included) would be interested in hearing your voice.

  5. words1:

    I’ve considered that, but I’m reluctant to embark on such a project for the same reason that I’ve given up doing radio interviews — the ms has done funny things to my speech. I tend to slur my words & stutter sometimes, even if I’m reading from prepared text. My wife says I sound drunk sometimes (and I don’t drink at all). The retakes would likely be endless and take all day. And I rather not start something I wouldn’t be able to maintain.

    On the other hand, my father did a very popular syndicated radio spot, similar to the one John Ciardi did for NPR, from the mid-1970s until his death in 1994, so it’s a temptation to take a swing at it.

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