Full Monty

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  1. Thomas Wall:

    The Full Monty is cockney rhyming slang and means ‘The Full Story’ possibly after Moses Montefiore a notorious larger than life character who was sherrif of London in 1837.

    Monty–fee–ory = story

  2. Gary Rhoades:

    First time I heard this expression was 1970, and I was in my first week at University. A mancunian said’ so I went for the full monty’. Had never heard it before but guessed what it meant.
    The cockney rhyming slang derivation is a new one on me.

  3. Sidney Denney:

    I was born and grew up in the East End of London where the expression “The (Full) Monty, together with much other rhyming slang was in use.
    It is derived from the Hungarian Rhapsody CSARDAS composed by MONTI.
    If you were unclothed you were STARK NAKED, or STARKERS, a close pronunciation to the word STARKERS is CSARDAS, hence, without clothes you were in the Monty, and if naked, you were in the Full Monty…..
    (Monti’s CSARDAS).
    Hope this helps.

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