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  1. NetBlogger:

    What are some types of bamboozlement involving people and their opponents?

  2. lisa:

    bamboozled originated in australia when they discovered the koalas got drunk or boozed of bamboo – hence bamboozled

  3. Pluggo:

    As mentioned above, the Scots are held responsible for the word bam- or bombaze, the bam part though derived from the sound of an explosion.

    I wonder if it wasn’t on the long-suffering Indian subcontinent (no strangers to british political deceit, Scots soldiers, bamboo-derived drinks and ultimately explosives) that such a wordplay was born..

    With the value of booze as an agent of disarray and a payment surrogate well known, bamboozle – suggesting all off shell-shocked, punch-drunk, trickery and deceit – is a perfect fit.

  4. JefroTall:

    There was man who wanted to build a house and the lumber yard sold him bamboo, and when he cut into it it was hollow. Hence he was “bamboo”zled.

  5. Rob:

    Bamboozled originated from British exploits into southern Asia where some expedition members were lured into thick bamboo forests for various reasons and became disoriented in the myriad of thick growth.
    Note: Always use the Trivium and Quadrivium to ensure sources are correct and logical.

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