Dukes (put up your)

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  1. COREY:

    I have always thought it came from the “Duke” John Wayne. He was always known for being able to fight in his movies. Just a thought.

  2. Dave Hendricks:

    The phrase “Put up your Dukes”, may have come from the age of Kings and Queens. As Kingdoms went through the land gathering taxes and many of the lower class revolted the idea of paying taxes and getting nothing for it. The kingdom’s would send Nobles and Knights, but Dukes would calm the pheseants and solve the issues. Thus, “Put up your Dukes” would settle the conflicts.

    Also, Kings would spar or gesture each other in high class conflict about each other including rumor’s and scandle. When it got to the point something had to be done, Kings would “Put up their Dukes” to resolve issues, real or unreal.

    For what it is worth, this is what I was told growing up.

  3. MarkB:

    It’s hard to imagine for me that American carnival workers of the 19th century would particularly care about Romany language to the point where they’d pick it up. Possible, but seems a major stretch. I’d file this one under ‘unknown.’

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