A Message from Harry the Cat.


Hiya.  Sorry for the interruption. Did you know that your keyboard smells like potato chips?

Anyway, in 2009, The Word Detective is celebrating its 15th year as a free resource for the internet community. Yay!

Unfortunately, we’re celebrating by being flat broke.

TWD needs your help.  Although this site is free for anyone to read, its continued existence depends on subscribers and contributors.

Tag, you’re it.

Please consider subscribing or, if you can’t swing $15 per year, contribute $1, $5, or whatever you can afford.  The second PayPal button on that page accepts amounts as small as ten cents.

With your help, we’ll be here next time you visit.

Your pal, Harry

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  1. Teach Children How to Write:

    It has just passed 15 years.?? Strange..I thought this word came pretty long back. And it has passed only 15 years…UUhh..

  2. Teach Children How to Write:

    In my past comment I told all the rest things, but I forgot to tell Congratulations…:)

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