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  1. Stew:

    But how much more interesting if the origin were from the phrase “pier rat”.

  2. Brad Patterson:

    I had fallen prey to this “pier rat” urban etymology legend as well.

    Wonderful site here. Just subscribed ! Cheers, Brad

  3. SMH021:

    Land rat
    Sea Rat
    Pi Rat

  4. Carl:

    Very interesting, ya’ bunch of PIER-RATS! LOL! Just kidding…

    I was always curious about the origins of the word Pirate anyway… Thanks! ~carlbigman

  5. Jadzia:

    Why are pirates called pirates – because they aarrrrrr (to be said with a pirate accent)

  6. Roy:

    The word “pirate” derives from the Gallic (French-Galician) language from which the English language derives over 80 percent of its words. The word “pirate” actually means to run away fast. A word still used in other Gallic languages like Galician and Portuguese.

  7. Roy:

    It derives from two words pira-te which means “I turn and run”.

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