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From Boing Boing, via reader Dave Aton, a reader survey about the corner store:

What do you call the shop where you get your miscellaneous stuff? I grew up in Toronto, where they were called “convenience stores,” “smoke shops,” and sometimes “Becker’s” or “Mac’s” (names of chains that got genericized). In New York, I learned to call them “bodegas.” In Montreal, “depanneurs” or “the dep”. In Costa Rica, we went to the pulperia (or “pulpe”) for supplies, and in Honduras, we went to the “super.” Here in London, they’re “bottle shops,” “off-licenses,” “newsagents,” “offies,” and “cornershops” (not all identical in meaning).

What do you call ’em?

What do you call the shop on the corner? – Boing Boing.

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  1. Jack:

    Umm, liquor stores or mini-marts in CA.

    In Japan it’s konbini

    In Taiwan/HK I recall the term CVS. Someone double check that.

  2. Joe Mac:

    In New Zealand they are called Dairys, and in Australia, they are Delis (short for Delicatessen)

  3. April:

    I’m originally from Anchorage, Alaska, and back home we called them “mom-and-pops shop/store”.

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