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  1. Tom Wolfe:

    “Rumpus” is also well known to a more recent group of people — fans of the Coen brothers and their oevre of offbeat films. “What’s the rumpus?” was a repeated catch-phrase in their gangster film “Miller’s Crossing.”

  2. Holger:

    The modern German word for “back” is “Rücken”, with an umlaut and (like all nouns in German) capitalized. But apparently, “Rucksack” was coined in a dialect where “Rucken” may have been used without the umlaut. And capitalization was not standardized back then, so your etymology is, of course, correct.

    Just for completeness…

  3. Monica:

    I wonder if “ruckus” is from a dialect pronunciation of “raucous” – a raucous disturbance.

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