Take it as read.

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  1. zebedeerox:

    This limey was unsure of whether it was take it as red or read and I must have used it in conversation a 1,000 times – I exaggerate not.

    So thank you, word detective, for your insightful and amusing article.

    Hedgehogs taste better sans quills, my man…
    …and Dr. Fister & Ms. LaVallee – you’re making that up, surely? LaVallee Jabballee.

    Thanks again,

  2. Indy:


    As a Limey who has just come across this –

    You have to cook them first, then they taste like chicken :)

    Cranky? Whose language is it anyway!!!!

  3. Simon J Bonsor:

    Elegantly and succintly done: no need for further debate.

    Unfortunately the hedgehog is in decline, so you probably wouldn’t find one to eat: if you do find one, please resist the urge to eat it….! (incidentally you wrap them in clay and roast them in an open fire: all the prickles then come off easily)
    [No I haven't eaten one]

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