Sleep tight.

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  1. juliebird11:

    Finally, someone saying “sleep tight” has nothing to do with rope beds. I live in an area with multiple historic buildings and the tour guides always come up with that line. When my kids were little, I bought a rope bed and used a feather mattress(we live in a historic house ourselves) and slept on it a number of times. Trust me, a tight rope bed is like sleeping on a knife bed. Give those ropes some slack! Hammocks aren’t stretched out between 2 trees. They hang loosely between trees. Tight ropes on a bed are bad, very, very bad.

  2. phil:

    I had always found the comment “sleep tight” as being odd until one day it was explained to me that centuries ago beds used to have rope supports beneath them and when those got loose people would fall through the bed, mattress and all. Kind of funny when you think about it. :)

  3. Jonathan:

    I always wondered about that! Usually when I have a client asking for a mattress for the guest room they usually say “Get me something that’s comfortable…but not so comfortable that they over stay their welcome…actually on second thought…just go ahead and get me something uncomfortable.”

  4. Futons:

    Jonathan, you should tell them to get an old college futon mattress then. Lol.

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