Pits, the.

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  1. Topi Linkala:

    “Some modern uses of “pit” have completely lost their original “lower level” sense, such as the “trading pit” on the floor of a stock exchange, the gaming area of casinos”

    Those places have observation area that is over the pit, so it still has the lower level meaning.


  2. Ian Harewood:

    Before mechanical circular saws , tree trunks and large baulks of timber were sawn longitudinally using a 6 foot long two man saw.The lucky man stood over the log whilst the new guy stood in a pit below the log – top man pulled the saw upwards , the pit man pulled it downwards. The pit man got all the saw dust and occaisionally bits of timber and broken saw – hence the expression “the pits”to describe a bad job or experince.

  3. Price:

    I, as well, use a pit-bull who may be the most tender animal I’ve ever owned. Quickly, a brand new dog breed will can come along for your media to blast, because they have done rotties and dobies in earlier many years. Unfortunate that media sensationalism breeds so much inaccurate information.

  4. veronica:

    I remember this expression really becoming popular in the ’70s when Rhoda used it a lot.

  5. Michael:

    Interesting, I always assumed that it was referring to the good parts of life being the good part of the fruit and the parts that we were concerned with being “the pits”.

  6. Ryan:

    This article is absolute garbage.

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