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  1. Carl:

    Nice job! The first time the word interested me, but not necessarily the first time I heard it, was when Bruce Willis referred to a town as a “jerkwater” town, in the movie “Last Man Standing”. I liked the directors effort to make the movie’s dialog time appropriate. Naturally I went on a Google quest for a definition, and so far this on is the best.

  2. James Barré:

    How many others have pointed out the word “vein” is misused in the blog title and should be “vain?”
    Shouldn’t happen on a web site devoted to words.
    Otherwise,that notwithstanding, a fun site.

  3. admin:

    “Vein” in the sense of “mood, tendency, spirit” dates back to the 16th century. “Vain” would make no sense whatsoever. But I admire your imperious tone.

    “Otherwise, that notwithstanding” is redundant.

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