Chicken pox.

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  1. Mariana:

    Cool, this site is a great find!

  2. Mariana:

    Thanks, this site has been a great find!

  3. Jack Don:

    Very reaonable explanation

  4. Aaron Stewart:

    Chicken pox is one hell of a nasty disease, it ruined my flawless skin a couple of years ago.;.,

  5. Tia Gray:

    Chicken pox is one hell of a nasty disease, it ruined my flawless skin a couple of years ago.:..

  6. not you:

    “The word chicken pox came from an English word “gican” which meant “Itching” or a French word “chiche-pois” meaning chicks pea which described the size of lesions which were similar to the size of the seeds.”

    a little bit of extra info…

  7. Zoe Ali:

    Chicken Pox can cause massive scarring of the skin that may not clear, that’s bad’*”

  8. Penny:

    Chicken pox even after it is over can still leave behind a nasty problem, which can surface in later years in some people as Shingles. I know this to my cost.

  9. Ajay R. Mourya:

    Reasonable explanation………

  10. venkat:

    there are three pox diseases :
    1. Great pox – (bacterial)refers to secondary syphilis
    2. Small pox – (RNA virus)severe form, now eradicated
    3. Chicken pox – (DNA virus)not very deadly

    After the “Columbian exchange”, great pox was spreading across Europe and the small pox was devastating the Americas. Syphilis was controlled with discovery of antibiotics… and the small pox was eradicated with the help of an effective vaccine… and chicken pox can never be eradicated because it is a DNA virus (integrates into the genome of man.
    Both chickpea and gican/itching appear convincing etymologies… THANX

  11. Brittany:

    Small Correction: While chicken pox is a herpesvirus like mentioned earlier, but it is not under the poxvirus or related to “small pox”, only called that because of the pox marks chicken pox makes

  12. YahMostHumbleServant:

    So chickenpox has nothing to do with the bird causing the desease? Good to hear, Todah-Thanks

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